Class of 2023

General Information and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the commonly asked questions by incoming 9th grade families to TJHSST

General Questions:

Q: I hear I have to go to summer school to fit it all in? Is this true?

A: Technically, no. You can graduate from TJHSST in four years never having taken summer school. However, if you have an interest in pursuing four years of an elective (i.e. band, orchestra, journalism, photojournalism, art, drama, etc.), taking summer school may be the only way to take some of the higher level STEM coursework at TJHSST. 


Q: I still want to go to TJHSST summer school. Where can I learn more about the specifics – classes offered, dates, times, cost, etc.?

A: Visit the Summer School web page. Please be aware that incoming students will not be able to register for Summer School until after they have formally registered for TJHSST and we have processed the registration. We will notify you of the Summer School registration dates for the Class of 2023.  


Q: Which classes can I take online this summer via FCPS?

A: Econ and Personal Finance, Geometry Honors, and Health & PE 9 may be taken online for credit. For more information about the FCPS online summer campus, please refer to the FCPS Summer Learning Programs page. Please know that online classes are typically do not offer the same course/preparation as the ones offered at TJHSST over the summer. Permission to take these online classes must be granted by the TJHSST Director of Student Services.

Please be aware that students can only take ONE CREDIT in the Summer. 


Q: How can I verify that I’m enrolling in the right math and language classes for me next year?

A: TJHSST freshmen come from many different middle schools which have different curricula, syllabi, and expectations. To make certain that you’re going into the right math and language classes, please take the time to meet with our curriculum specialists at Welcome Night. They can make specific suggestions based on the student's previous instruction. Remember also that high school is not a race; if you’re not completely confident in the student's understanding of a subject, consider repeating a course to ensure a strong foundation, especially in the math and language areas.


Q: How do I expunge a high school class from my student record? What classes can be expunged? 

A: If your student  took a high school credit in middle school and wishes to have it removed from their transcript, there is a one-time window to do so next school year. Please talk to your student’s counselor within the first quarter of next year about the pros and cons of doing so. If you decide to expunge a credit earned in middle school (usually a foreign language or math credit), your counselor will provide you with the necessary paperwork to complete. Expunging the class also means that any verified credits (earned when you pass the class and pass the corresponding Standards of Learning-SOL test) are expunged too. 


Q: Is TJHSST’s course registration first come, first served? 

A: Summer school: yes - on a space available basis. Regular classes: no. No preference is given to those students who turn in registration paperwork one day versus another. The enrolling parent will receive an email about course selection after registration paperwork has been processed.


Q: Why are we asked to pick alternates? What if I want to change my mind after I’ve submitted online? 

A: It is likely that all students will get the classes they want. A small percentage of students will not receive their first choice due to schedule conflicts, hence why we require that all students select alternates just in case. Please make sure that you place your electives in the order you’d like to take them. Use this as an opportunity to explore areas of study which you may not have considered otherwise.


Q: What percent of incoming freshmen have traditionally taken Ancient Civilizations in summer? 

A: Approximately 45%.


Q: What percent of incoming freshmen will take Computer Science as their elective during the 9th grade? 

A: Approximately 55%. 


Q: What do I do with my student’s SOL scores? Am I responsible for getting them to TJHSST? 

A: If your student is coming from a Fairfax County Public School, we already have your student's SOL scores.

If your student attended a public middle school outside of Fairfax County, we are hopeful that your scores will come with your student’s records. Sometimes, however, they do not. Please retain copies of your student’s official score report that should be sent home by the middle school, just in case. If needed, your student’s counselor will contact you in the Fall.

If your student attended a private middle school or was homeschooled and has never taken SOL exams, your student will be scheduled to take them after the start of the school year.


Q: When is the last day to register for TJHSST? 

A: Admissions acceptances are due to the TJHSST Admissions office no later than April 5, 2019 at 4:00pm.  Information about registration will follow.  


Q: When can I expect to receive information about transportation? 

A: Transportation information for Fairfax County residents is generally available and mailed home in mid to late August.

For non-Fairfax County residents, each of the participating school districts manage their own transportation process. Please contact them directly for specific information about transportation to TJHSST.


Academic & Curricular Questions

Q: Can a student take World History & Geography 1 online via the Summer program through Loudoun County ?

A: Requests to take a non-FCPS course are approved on a case by case basis by the Director of Student Services. While we do not encourage students to take Summer School, if a student wants to do so, we would prefer that the student take a course offered and taught by TJHSST.


Q: Do I need to take World History & Geography 1 prior to taking World History & Geography 2 in 10th grade? 

A: No. World History & Geography 2 at TJHSST is a stand-alone course taken in 10th grade that does not have a prerequisite. Additionally, World History & Geography 2 begins with a brief overview of the World 1 material, so students have the necessary context for the course.


Q: What are the required courses for a 9th grader?

 A: Biology 1, English 9, Design & Technology, Health & PE 9, Math, World Language, Elective.


Q: What course should I sign up for if I intend on trying to place out of a particular course? 

A: Please sign up for the course that you would naturally take without there being an assessment test. Students who successfully pass an assessment test will be contacted upon completion and will be placed into the next level course after they have completed the assessment - not before.


Q: Can a 9th grader take Online Health & PE 9? 

A: Yes, but it is not recommended. Please be aware that should you choose to enroll in an online class that is also a diploma requirement, it must taken:

  1. as one of the student’s seven classes and,

  2. off-campus during first period

Students will not be permitted to be on campus during this period, and parents will be responsible for transporting their student to school.  Please refer to the TJHSST Online Course Policy.


Q: Is there an online course requirement for the Class of 2023? 

A: No. There is no such requirement in FCPS. 


Q: When and how can I register for courses? 

A: As soon as we have finished processing all of the registration paperwork,  we will send an email to the enrolling parent that will provide them with a link to select courses for their student.


Q: Can I take Band or participate in a sport during 8th period?

A: There are over 100 academic opportunities, extracurricular clubs, and activities available for students during 8th period. However, academic credit is not available to be earned via 8th period. 


Q: I took level 1 and level 2 of a world language in middle school. What level should I sign up for in 9th grade?

A: Students should sign up for Level 2 and then can take a readiness assessment to help the student evaluate if they are ready for Level 3.  World Language Readiness Assessment Information for the Class of 2023.


Have More Questions?

Please contact the Department of Student Services