Four Year Plan and Graduation Requirement

For a four year elective student

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Middle School Credits


Foreign Language 1

9th Grade

IBET (3 credits) - Includes Design and Tech (Fine Art/CTE credit)


Language: World Language (Level 2)

Math: Math

Elective: Elective - Fine Art/SciTech/CultStudies required for a TJ Diploma

10th Grade

HUM I (English 10 / World History II)



Language: World Language (Level 3)

Math: Math

Elective: Elective

11th Grade

HUM II (Eng 11 – US/VA History)


Math: Math

Elective: Econ/Personal Finance - Required EPF Credit

Elective: Computer Science - Required for a TJ diploma Elective: Elective

12th Grade

US / VA Government


English 12

Math: Math

Senior Lab: Based on application in 11th grade

Elective: 2 Semesters of Humanities - 4th Social Studies requirement

Elective: Elective