TJHSST Online Course Policy

Students may request to take one course online, off campus, during 1st period only. The following rules apply:

  • The requested course must be taken as a “capstone” course from a pre-approved list.

  • The requested course must not be used to serve as a prerequisite for a subsequent course.

  • Students are expected to remain at home or off campus until the next class period. Parents are responsible for providing the necessary resources (computer, internet access, etc.) and transportation. Students should not arrive on campus more than 15 minutes before the start of their first face to face class during the school day.

  • 12th grade students will have an opportunity to request taking an online course during 1st and/or 5th period.


Additional notes regarding “9th period” or “eighth class”

Students may only take electives (credits not required for a diploma) outside the school day (as an 8th class).

Students in grades 9-11 may opt to take Economics & Personal Finance (non-AP) via the FCPS Online Campus or via the Self-Paced option outside the school day to fulfill their EPF diploma requirement.

If a student has not completed any diploma requirement by the start of their 12th grade year, they will be required to do so during the school day of their senior year. This includes EPF.