Computer Science

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a regional Governor's school in Northern Virginia, offers seven years of computer science. Our goal is to provide a world class computer science education to our students and to disseminate curriculum materials to other academic institutions.


Below are Computer Science courses offered at TJHSST.

  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Foundations of Computer Science Accelerated
  • Data Structures Including AP Computer Science A
  • Artificial Intelligence 1 **
  • Artificial Intelligence 2 **
  • Computer Vision 1 **
  • Computer Vision 2 **
  • Mobile Application Development **
  • Parallel Computing 1 **
  • Parallel Computing 2 **
  • Web Application Development **

** These courses are offered through the Science and Technology division.  Please contact Mark Hannum (, the division manager Science and Technology if you have questions about these courses.

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The division manager for Math and Computer Science is Marianne Razzino |

The division administrator for Math and Computer Science is Pam Gravitte |

Computer Science Faculty