Challenge Success Program at TJHSST

TJHSST is proud to be part of Challenge Success, a Stanford University affiliate that helps schools implement research-based strategies to promote student balance and wellness. The Challenge Success program supports our fervent belief that students are not defined merely by a number in a GPA; they can participate in a challenging learning environment and pursue academic excellence without being inundated with schoolwork. It is critical that our students achieve a healthy balance between school, family, and other activities in order to thrive in school–and in life. 

TJ's Challenge Success Team

Successfully implementing strategies to enhance TJ’s overall school climate cannot be made in a silo. This is a comprehensive undertaking that involves ongoing and meaningful collaboration with stakeholders, who are actively engaged in bringing our shared vision to life. 
After adopting Challenge Success in spring 2018, TJ established a Challenge Success Team to spearhead this journey. The team includes a diverse group of staff, parents, and students. Based on their findings from school culture surveys and other initial research, the team continues to focus on three key areas:

  1. Decoupling workload and rigor.
  2. Promoting the importance of sleep.
  3. Managing expectations.

Additional Information

Visit the following webpages for more information:

For specific questions about TJ’s implementation of Challenge Success, please email Mark Forgash at [email protected].   

Challenge Success Parent Survey Results

This survey measures parents’ perceptions of their children’s experiences in areas such as academic stress, homework, sleep, technology use, and family rules and norms.

Challenge Success Student Survey Results

This survey measures students’ perspectives on areas including homework, extracurricular activities and free time, sleep, school-related stress, and parents’ expectations.

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