Special Services

The Department of Special Services at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology provides specialized instructional, psychological, social, preventive, and related services to help meet the unique needs of students eligible for special education and their families. Itinerant as well as school based resource support is available as needed.  Special Services provides support to staff, students, and families that eliminates obstacles, facilitates instruction, and enables students to succeed as individuals within the learning environment. The major focus is to help students develop independent instructional and social skills supporting both their current needs and those which will help facilitate success in all endeavors beyond their high school experience.

The department programs and services contribute to a constructive school climate that actively teaches and encourages all students to demonstrate the aptitude, attitude, and skills to lead responsible and fulfilling lives and to demonstrate respectful and responsible behaviors so as to become productive members of the community.  All services are in coordination with FCPS programs and practices.

While a student who is eligible for services and/or accommodations through a 504 Plan or IEP may receive them in order to access the curriculum, fundamental requirements unique to TJHSST must still be met in order to attend TJHSST and graduate with a TJHSST diploma.

Special Services Faculty