Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend every class and activity scheduled for that school day. Students should be in their seats at the start of each class period.  Late arrivals and early departures must sign in/out in the main office.

General Absences

Parents must call the attendance line at 703-750-8315 or send a note for any absence no later than two days following the student’s return to school.

Notes for absences, late arrivals or early departures should include the following:

  • student’s name
  • dates and time of the absence
  • reason for the absence
  • parent signature

Legitimate reasons for excused absences include:  student illness, death in the family, doctor or dental appointment, or observance of religious holiday.  Examples of unexcused absence reasons include:  family and/or student trip, nonschool-related activities, missed school bus, oversleeping, or traffic.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late must report to the main office.  An excused tardy pass will be given if the student has a note or the parent has called and the reason for tardiness is excused under FCPS policy.  Students are responsible for any work missed.

Early Dismissal

Students should bring a parent note to the main office in the morning with the date, time and reason for leaving school.  Parents may call the attendance line with the date, time and reason but the student must come to the main office to receive a pass to leave class and to sign out. Students who leave without checking out will be marked unexcused.   Parents may come to the office to sign a student out but students are not paged during the school day or the classroom called.  Students are responsible for missed work. 

Prearranged Absences

Prearranged absences may be requested three weeks before the absence.  Please turn in the required parent note and Request for Prearranged Absence form  with TOP PART ONLY COMPLETED (student name, ID, grade, parent printed name, school name, absence dates, brief reason and parent signature) but without teacher signatures and turn it in to the attendance office at least four days before the absence.  The parent note must be attached to the form or the form will be returned to the parent for proper completion.  After the administrator has signed, student will take form to teachers for signature and for brief description of make-up work, tests or projects.  Student then turns form back in to the attendance office.