School Bus Transportation for TJHSST

School Bus Transportation to and from TJHSST is provided from all of the counties supporting TJHSST.  However, each county has a slightly different transportation model.  For information on bus Transportation from out of Fairfax County jurisdictions, inquiries to those counties can be made through:

Arlington County  Debra Reba (@email

Loudon County - Madelin Spier (@email

Prince William County - Mary Hayes (@email


Depot Selection

Fairfax County, under the magnet school regulation (regulation 8617.10 - IV. Magnet Schools states “Students are picked up at several geographically dispersed elementary school sites around the county as designated annually by Transportation Services”), provides transportation to and from assigned depot locations to TJHSST.  Each year FCPS transportation offers depot locations covering all of Fairfax County.  FCPS school buses leave from assigned depots in the mornings and travel directly to TJHSST.  Buses return to assigned depot locations in the afternoon. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from depot locations.

Every January /February currently enrolled students at TJ are permitted to select their assigned depot location for the morning and afternoon service via an online selection process.  They are not bound by any geographic boundary.  They may select any depot for service.  Depot locations are typically placed at elementary schools in the morning and elementary schools, county libraries, and county Recreation Centers in the afternoon.  Libraries and Rec Centers are used in the afternoon in case a parent is unable to pick up their student at the drop-off time, and they wish their student to have the ability to wait in a secure, weather friendly location until they are able to pick them up. Depot locations change slightly each year due to changes in TJHSST enrollment, changes in traffic patterns, or changes in county traffic laws for the operation of a school bus. New depot selections MUST be selected by every Fairfax county residing student, every school year.

Incoming freshman are provided the identical opportunity to select their depot locations after their offer of admittance and their confirmation of attending is received, typically in April.

Depot selects are not restricted by where a student resides in Fairfax County.  Parents may choose to select depots near their home, or place of employment, whatever best fits their particular situation. However, only the depots offered are available.  New depots will not be added once the initial offering is made, and the student selection is for an entire school year and cannot be changed once the cutoff date for selections has passed.