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Welcome to the TJHSST College and Career Center

The College and Career Center (CCC) in Student Services is a resource center for students in support of school counseling goals and programs from ninth grade through twelfth grade.  These goals and programs align with our Portrait of a Graduate profile that prioritizes the development of skills that will empower students to be productive citizens of a global community and successful in their post secondary plans. 

The College and Career Center Coordinator works closely with school counselors, teachers, and staff members to help students make informed decisions about post secondary opportunities. Through Naviance Student and many other resources, information and access are provided to students so they may: 

  • explore college options to find a best fit college or university 
  • explore career options including military careers, apprenticeship and technical school programs
  • understand financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to them
  • research enrichment opportunities and volunteer programs 

The CCC is open from 8am to 4pm on school days. Students can come by before school, between classes or during lunch, or 8th periods.  

Fall 2023 College Representative Visits

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