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Curriculum Overview

TJHSST provides a comprehensive curriculum, emphasizing the sciences, mathematics, and technology. Please keep scrolling towards bottom of the page for links to specific subject areas.

All seniors are required to complete a technology laboratory project as the culmination of their TJHSST academic experience, either in one of the specialized Research Laboratories, or through the Mentorship Program.

The TJHSST school day begins at 8:40 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Seven periods are devoted to academic coursework and one period is designated for student activities and activity-related coursework. Student and faculty research is supported by the Geoff Jones Library. Many online resources are made available to students and staff, including numerous online databases.

The foundation of the curricular program at TJHSST focuses on an interdisciplinary approach aimed at maximizing the full potential of each student's intellectual, technological and affective skills. Course work such as the ninth grade IBEST program and humanities courses are driven by six learning methodologies:

  1. acquiring powerful communication skills
  2. developing collaborative skills
  3. thinking and working in the context of systems
  4. working with real projects and problems
  5. managing change
  6. developing an ethical culture

The following programs are unique to TJHSST and are among some of the specialized course work required of our students: