The senior technology research graduation requirement may be met through a research study or project design in one of the school technology laboratories or through the mentorship program. This program provides the opportunity for concentrated research or project development in a specialized field under the leadership and direction of experienced scientists, engineers, and other professionals in scientific and technological businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, in the D.C. metropolitan area.

The mentorship process permits students to test their interests and apply their knowledge and aptitude in a real-life setting, working with professionals who have chosen to share their insights and expertise. Students become stronger, more confident, self sufficient, and creatively productive as they apply their critical thinking skills in solving relevant and stimulating problems.

The Mentorship Program at TJHSST was created to offer an alternative way to meet the senior technology research graduation requirement, but is supervised through each of the school’s science and technology laboratories and coordinated by the school’s Mentorship Program Director. Mentorship students work alongside mentors from outside agencies and report back to their school Technology Laboratory Director. The program holds the same project requirements and academic goals as in-school laboratory research work.

Mentorship Faculty