Course Planning for Class of 2022 and Beyond

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Course Planning (Class of 2022 and beyond)

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

*English 9


*Design & Tech

Health and PE 9

Math __________________

World Lang. _____________

Elective ______________

Optional Summer School Course (after 9th grade)



*English 10

*World History/Geography II


Health and PE 10

Math __________________

World Lang. __________________

Elective __________________

Optional Summer School Course (after 10th grade)




*English 11

*AP or Honors US/VA History

Physics / AP Physics
(AP Calculus BC is a pre/co-requisite for AP Physics)

Math __________________

World Lang.
OR Elective __________________

Elective __________________

Elective __________________

Optional Summer School Course (after 11th grade)




**AP English Lang/Lit

**AP US Government


Senior Research Lab __________________

Math __________________

Elective __________________

Elective __________________




*These courses are offered as an integrated block (commonly referred to as IBET for 9th grade, HUM 1 for tenth grade and HUM 2 for eleventh grade).

**These courses are offered as separate classes or as an integrated block.

NOTE:  Although most TJ graduation requirements will be met within the natural progression of courses (e.g. English 9, 10, 11, 12), the following graduation requirements must be intentionally scheduled somewhere within each student’s four years at TJ:

  • 3 World Language credits (must be sequential in same language)
  • 1 additional credit of non-AP social studies course
  • 1 credit of Economics & Personal Finance (or AP Macro/Micro Economics)
  • 1 credit of Computer Science completed before Junior year
  • 1 credit of AP Calculus AB or BC
  • 1 credit of a Fine Art/Career & Tech Ed