TJHSST College and Career Center Newsletter

Fall 2020 Edition

By S. Wolf
College and Career Center
November 05, 2020


We've had a successful (virtual) first quarter in the College and Career Center.  Our college visits have been well attended and continue through this month.  Students have been asking great questions of the representatives and we're impressed with the number of Juniors who have participated as they begin to think about the characteristics they are looking for in a college or university. 

The college representatives are telling our students that some of the most important characteristics they are looking for in applicants include:

  • Communicatorspog skill tree
  • Collaborators
  • Ethical and Global Citizens
  • Creative and Critical Thinkers
  • Goal-directed and resilient individuals

These characteristics, when woven throughout a college application in essays and activities, indicate that a student has been and is interested in becoming an engaged member of a community.  These Portrait of a Graduate skills are lifelong characteristics that serve students well in high school, college, and beyond.  

As we head into second quarter, we all can say that we are testing and pushing these skills in new directions as we all learn to navigate the world of virtual learning and living!  

College Admissions 'Worthwhile Read' for this newsletter:  Fact-Checking College Admissions


Junior and Senior students must sign up to attend these visits in their Naviance Student where the full list of visits is updated daily.   Upcoming visits:  

Seton Hall University


Brandeis University


United States Military Academy


Carnegie Mellon University


Harvey Mudd College


University of South Carolina-Columbia


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Rutgers University-New Brunswick


Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Pennsylvania State University



2020 Southern Tour - DMV Metroplex | November 17, 2020 | 6pm to 7:30 pm EST

Register here.  Participating universities include: 

University of Alabama University of Georgia University of Missouri
Auburn University University of Kentucky University of South Carolina
University of Arkansas Louisiana State University  Texas A&M University
University of Florida Mississippi State University Vanderbilt University
  University of Mississippi University of Tennessee-Knoxville

As we transition into the second quarter of the school year, students can look forward to these events in the CCC during lunch and 8th period activity blocks:

  • Workshop:  How to read your TJHSST transcript
  • Workshop:  How to start your FIT college research with Naviance Student

  • Workshop:  How to prepare for a college interview

  • Brown bag (virtual!) lunches with teachers and staff to hear about their post secondary journeys!

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Find the list of Enrichment Opportunities in Naviance Student.  On the home page of Naviance Student you will see the picture below.  Click on "read more" to access information and a link to the Enrichment Opportunities list.  You must be logged into Naviance Student to access this list.  The picture below does not provide direct access from this page. 

picture of graduates in caps and gowns and read more text

Recent Naviance Student additions include:  

HKP Engineering Internship Opportunity Spring 2021  | Contact:  @email

Stanford Medical High School Programs | Summer 2021


Boolean Girl Ambassador events are free virtual opportunities for students to meet and hear from Women in STEM careers. They not only talk about their profession but their path to a career in STEM. It is an opportunity to learn about engineering careers and ask questions and get advice on how to navigate the path from High School to College and into the workforce.

Upcoming events feature a number of engineers in different disciplines:

  • Rizka Aprilia | Mechanical Engineer | Saturday, November 7 at 5pm
  • Catherine Stone | Biomedical Engineering | Saturday, November 21 at 5pm
  • Gretchen Hein |  University professor in Mechanical, Civil and Environmental Engineering | Saturday, December 5 at 5pm
  • Laurie LaPat-Polasko | Environmental Engineer | Saturday, December 19 at 5pm

New events are added all the time. Events occur about every 2 weeks. Details and the most current schedule is here

Women on Wall Street's Fall Conference | Information and register here.


The FCPS list can be found in Naviance Student.  Below are some recent updates:

Juniors-Class of 2022 only→Coolidge Scholarship | deadline January 20, 2021

United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship | Junior and Senior Students, see post in TJHSST 2021/2022 Google Classrooms for application details.

US JCIS Senate Program Scholarship

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship

Test Prep Insight Scholarship | deadline Nov. 30, 2020

Fairfax Library Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship | deadline Jan. 15, 2021

Davidson Fellows Scholarship | deadline March 11, 2021

2021 Davidson Fellows $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 Scholarships

The Davidson Institute offers high-achieving young people across the country the opportunity to be named a 2021 Davidson Fellow, an honor accompanied by a $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 scholarship in recognition of a significant piece of work in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Literature, Philosophy or Outside the Box.  Applicants must submit an original piece of work that is recognized as significant by experts in the field and that has the potential to make a positive contribution to society. The scholarship may be used at any accredited college or university. 


Scholarship Sharing Database


Opportunity Scholarships


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Positive Discipline: Keeping Your Sanity While Getting Your Teens to Cooperate | Friday, December 4, 2020

Register for the workshop here

Questions?  Reach out to Student Services.

The information provided is for your information and review. Scholarships and enrichment programs offered by organizations other than FCPS are neither sponsored nor endorsed by FCPS, the Fairfax County School Board, the Superintendent or TJHSST. Students and parents should carefully review all application requirements. Parents/Guardians need to confirm the details, accuracy and relevance of any program chosen for their student.  This document contains links to one or more web pages that are outside the FCPS network.  Neither FCPS nor TJHSST controls the content or relevancy of these outside pages.

External opportunities may utilize an online technology, or video and web conferencing tool that has not been assessed or approved for use in FCPS by the FCPS Department of Information Technology.  Students should gain permission from their parent/guardian before engaging in any non-FCPS enrichment opportunity.  Families should review and agree to the Terms of Service and User Agreements for any technology platform used to facilitate these opportunities.