Summer Programs 2020

TJHSST Academic Summer School

Academic Summer School Credit Bearing Courses - TJ Students Only

Registration: May 20-June 12

*Summer programming for credit and enrichment courses are for current TJ students only.


Summer School will be held virtually. Visit the ACE TJHSST Summer School web page to learn more and register for courses.


Full-year Course

  • June 22 - July 30; no class on July 3
  • Computer Science
  • Current 9-11th grade students

Semester Courses:

  • July 6 - 31
  • Research Statistics 1, rising 9th grade students only
  • TJ Math 5, current 9-11th grade students



9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Currently enrolled TJHSST students


All courses: $375; Reduced Lunch - $187.50; Free Lunch - $37.50

Reduced Fees are available for students/families eligible for Free & Reduced lunches and will be applied at the time of registration automatically.


Refunds are handled online through ACE.

Attendance Requirement

Students are required to attend class daily for the duration of the entire course.

Attendance is mandatory to receive credit.

  • Students taking full-year classes will be automatically withdrawn if they are absent for more than 2 days (780 minutes), for any reason.

  • Students taking semester courses (see above) will be automatically withdrawn if they are absent for more than 1 day (390 minutes), for any reason.

  • Attendance is recorded to the minute and all absences/tardies are cumulative.


Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration is online only through ACE, May 20 - June 12. No other types of registration will be accepted. 

Need help deciding which courses to take? Please contact your counselor!

Additional Information

Skill Enhancement Modules

The skill enrichment courses are designed to focus on various skills development and supplement certain curriculums. These modules will have synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for students. We encourage students to register for a course if they desire additional support with  specific content areas or skills. The modules are not required, not for credit and not graded. Students may register for multiple courses as long as the schedule does not conflict.

Cost: Free for Current TJ Students Only

Dates: July 6-31

Registration: June 3 – July 1. Register online only through ACE

Course Offerings and Eligibility

All courses are not for credit.  Course descriptions can be found on ACE.

  • TJ Chemistry Enrichment. Grades 10-12
  • Global Cuisine.  All interested students.
  • China on the World Stage, 20th Century to the Present. All students interested in-and have some working knowledge of-history of 18th-19th century China.
  • Happiness and Well-Being Studies. All interested students.
  • Apartheid in South Africa. All interested students.
  • Global Population Growth in the 20th Century. All interested students. 
  • Colonization and Independence in Africa. All interested students.
  • Experiencing Religions Through Sacred Spaces. All interested students.
  • Civic Duty During a Pandemic. All interested students.
  • Brazil: A History of Change in the 19th—20th Century. All interested students.
  • A Global Controversy: The U.S. Invasion of Iraq. All interested students.
  • Genocide:  Never Again?. All interested students.


For registration questions, please contact your counselor.

For questions about online courses, see above!

For all other questions, contact Volita Russell (, Summer School Principal.


Middle School Technology Institute will not occur this summer.