Computer Science

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Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a regional Governor's school in Northern Virginia, offers seven years of computer science. Our goal is to provide a world class computer science education to our students and to disseminate curriculum materials to other academic institutions.

  • CS Information for Rising 9th Graders
  • CS Readiness Assessment Information - The readiness assessment is for students who want to take Data Structures as their first Computer Science course at TJ. Students who have already scored a 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam (this is rare) may enroll in Data Structures without also taking the TJ readiness assessment. Interested students may register for the readiness assessment in the spring, and this website will be updated with more information at that time

  • Flow Chart for CS Courses


Below are Computer Science courses offered at TJHSST.

  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • Data Structures Including AP Computer Science A
  • Artificial Intelligence 1
  • Artificial Intelligence 2
  • Computer Vision 1


  • Computer Vision 2
  • Machine Learning 1
  • Machine Learning 2
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development

The division leader for Math and Computer Science is Shane Torbert | [email protected]

The assistant division leader for Math and Computer Science is Karilee Schmitt | [email protected]

The division administrator for Math and Computer Science is Chrystal Benson | [email protected]

Computer Science Faculty