TJ 9th Grade Transition Workshop

Theme: “How to be a Joyful Scholar”

Program Description: This one-week summer enrichment opportunity is available for incoming TJ freshmen who are interested in a non-graded, no-stress opportunity to meet with other TJ freshmen and some TJ teachers virtually to discuss and engage with topics including critical and creative thinking skills, collaboration, problem solving, academic integrity, and TJ culture. No academic content will be included and no student will be “behind” if not attending. Many of the soft skills will still be covered throughout the year. This opportunity is a jump start. There is no requirement to attend or expectation that an incoming freshman must attend.

Structure: Workshops will be held virtually daily for 2 hours a day (8 hours total). Students will be requested to use a device with an operable camera. There will be one non-credit bearing workshop a day. Each workshop will cover a different topic.  At the conclusion of the program, students who attend every day will receive a certificate recognizing their commitment to being a joyful scholar. 

Dates: Monday, August 5th - Thursday, August 8th 

Times: 9 am - 11 am

Cost: $25/workshop; $100/program.  Payments accepted credit cards via, cash or checks. Payments must be received by July 26th. The link to myschoolbucks will become available on Monday, July 8.

Registration: July 8th  - July 26th. Each workshop has a capacity of 100 students: once the workshop reaches capacity, it will close. This is a first come first serve opportunity and is limited in size due to available staff. Once you have paid the fee on MySchoolBucks, please fill out this form to register.

Workshop Offerings:



Monday, August 


Title: Culture of Learning


  • Getting to know each other
  • What is joyful learning?
  • Academic/Personal strengths and challenges
  • What is your motivation?

Tuesday, August



Title: Expectations of a TJ Scholar


  • Positive Freshmen Culture
  • Time Management
  • Organization

Wednesday, August 


Title: Communication & Collaboration


  • Email Etiquette
  • What is the Honor Code?
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Self-Advocacy 

Thursday, August 


Title: Psychology of Learning


  • Encoding Methods
  • Study Strategies 
  • Multitasking Myths
  • Self-Conflict Resolution

Questions: Volita Russell, 9th Grade Assistant Principal, @email, (703) 714-5111.