Flow Chart of Humanities Courses at TJHSST

Here is a flow chart of required Humanities (English and Social Studies) courses at TJ, along with electives.

Flow chart of Humanities courses at TJ. Information is published below for ADA purposes.


The information detailed in the images above is written below:

TJ Humanities Courses

Grade LevelEnglishSocial Studies
9English 9 Honors (IBEST)No core class offered; students may take Ancient Civilizations or African American History electives
10HUM I: English 10 HonorsHUM I: World History Honors
11HUM II: English 11 HonorsHUM II: US/Virginia History Honors or AP US History
12AP Language/Global Studies or AP Literature/Senior SeminarAP Government/Global Studies/Senior Seminar

Humanities Electives

TJ Media - Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Photojournalism
*All TJ Media classes are designated HN at3/4 level

TJ Social Studies, Yearlong - Ancient Civilizations Honors, African American History, History of Science Honors
*All courses satisfy 4th graduation credit

AP Social Studies, Yearlong - AP Econ (Macro/Micro)*, AP Psychology, AP European History
*satisfies Econ/PF requirement
Courses do not satisfy 4th graduation credit

TJ Social Studies, Semester - America & the World Since 1989, Anthropology, 20th Century World History, Ethical Leadership, Ethnic Studies, Inquiry into Ideas, Law & Society, Psychology, Religious Studies
*all semester electives are Honors level, any pair of electives meets 4th graduation credit