Flow Chart of Science and Technology Courses at TJ



Science and Technology Flowchart of Classes

PDF of Science and Technology Flow Chart
The information detailed in the images and PDF above is written below:

Required and Elective Core Science Courses


9th Grade - Honors Biology  (PreReq: None; CoReq: IBEST) Required

10th, 11th, or 12th Grade - AP Biology (PreReq: Honors Biology; CoReq: None) Elective



Summer after 9th Grade (optional) - Honors Chemistry (PreReq: Math 2/3; CoReq: Math 2/3) 

10th Grade - Honors Chemistry (PreReq: Math 2/3; CoReq: Math 2/3) Required

10th, 11th, or 12th Grade - AP Chemistry (PreReq: Honors Chemistry; CoReq: None) Elective


Physics (One Course Required)

11th Grade - Honors Physics (PreReq: Math 4/5; CoReq: Math 4/5)

11th or 12th Grade - AP Physics C (PreReq: BC Calc; CoReq: BC Calc)c



12th Grade - Geosystems (PreReq: Honors Physics; CoReq: None)



9th Grade - Technology 9 (Design and Tech) (PreReq: None; CoReq: IBEST)


Senior Labs and Associated Electives

Interdisciplinary Science Research

Oceanography and Geophysical Systems Research Laboratory

PreReq: Advanced Marine Biology

Complimentary Courses:

  • DNA 1 and DNA 2
  • Energy Systems 1 or 2
  • Prototyping 1 and 2
  • AP Chemistry
  • Geospatial Analysis


Neuroscience Research Laboratory

PreReq: All Courses in one pathway

  • Biology Pathway
    • AP Biology
    • Neurobiology
  • Computer Science Pathway
    • Artificial Intelligence 1
    • Artificial Intelligence 2
    • AP BC Calculus
  • Engineering Pathway
    • Robotics 1
    • Robotics 2
    • AP BC Calculus

Complimentary Courses:​​​​​​​

  • Analog or Digital Electronics
  • DNA 1 and DNA 2
  • AP Physics C
  • Robotics 1 and Robotics 2
  • Microbial Genomics


Physical Science Research

Chemical Analysis and Nano Chemistry Research Laboratory

PreReq: None

Complimentary Courses: 

  • AP Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • One or more of AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Statistics, or AP BC Calculus  


Quantum Physics and Optics Research Laboratory

PreReq: AP Physics C

Complimentary Courses:

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Computational Physics
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • AMT


Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Laboratory

PreReq: None

Complimentary Courses:

  • Astronomy Solar System
  • Astronomy Universe


Biological Research

Biotechnology Research Laboratory

PreReq: DNA Science 1

Complimentary Courses: 

  • DNA Science 2
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • Microbial Genomics


Technology Research

Combined Engineering Research 

PreReq: Any TWO of the Technology courses in this column

  • Robotics 1 and Robotics 2
  • Prototyping 1 and Prototyping 2
  • Analog Electronics and Digital Electronics
  • Energy Systems 1 and Energy Systems 2
  • CAD
  • Engineering Design

Complimentary Courses:

  • Any additional Technology courses
  • AP Computer Science
  • Any other CS course

* Complementary courses are not required courses. They can be useful to deepen specific knowledge and provide more specific skills to facilitate senior projects.