TJ Summer School Virtual Courses 2021

TJ Summer School Course Descriptions


Grades  Rising 9th Graders

Credit  one-half/weighted +.5

Prerequisite: Precalculus

Students study basic probability and statistics with an emphasis on applications to scientific research. Topics studied include combinatorics, probability, descriptive statistics, and statistical distributions. The course culminates with an introduction to inferential statistics and applications of t-tests. Use of technology is integrated throughout the course. Only students who have successfully completed Precalculus are eligible for summer school enrollment in TJ Research Stat I


*TJ MATH 5 (316055)

Grades  Rising 10th, 11th, 12th Graders

Credit  one-half/weighted +.5

Prerequisite: TJ Math 4

The study of Advanced Functions includes an extension of topics first introduced in algebra. All parent function graphs and their transformations are a focus as well as the important features of graphs such as symmetry, concavity, extrema and end behavior. Operations on functions are studied, especially composition, and finding appropriate domains is stressed. Specific functions such as exponential and logarithmic are explored and used for graphing, solving equations, and applications. Other topics of study include sequences and series, proof by math induction, the exploration of conic sections and their applications, and an introduction to the fundamentals of calculus, including limits, continuity and the concept of the derivative. The process standard focus will be Communication. Upon conclusion of TJ Math 5, students will be advised as to which level of AP Calculus they should take the upcoming school year. Only students who have successfully completed TJ Math 4 are eligible for summer school enrollment in TJ Math 5.



Grades  Rising 10th and 11th Graders

Credit  one/weighted +.5

Prerequisite: N/A

Students are introduced to the academic discipline of Computer Science with emphasis on problem solving using the current College Board computer language. At this time, the language is Java. The course introduces Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and uses an Objects first approach. Skills in defining, writing, and running computer programs on a windows based networked personal computer are developed. Students work with both mathematical and non-mathematical problems. Students will also be introduced to computer graphics, Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), data storage and data processing, boolean algebra, and computer number systems. No prior computer knowledge is needed. This course is usually offered during summer school and as summer self-study for those students who wish to place out of this introductory course and begin their computer science studies with Data Structures including APCS-A.


*CHEMISTRY 1 (4410T1)

Grades  Rising 10th Graders

Credit  one/weighted +.5

Prerequisite: Biology 1

Chemistry 1 focuses on investigating the world of matter and energy through critical inquiry, problem-solving, and research. Due to its enabling roles in fields from the life sciences and agriculture to engineering, materials science, and nanotechnology, Chemistry is often regarded as the central science. This unique centrality is emphasized through class dialogue, activities, and laboratory experiments in which students observe and analyze chemical systems in order to bolster conceptual understanding. As fundamentals are developed, students continue to deepen their grasp of the molecular basis of macroscopic properties and phenomena and examine principles and questions of increasing complexity. It is strongly recommended that students take Advanced Placement Chemistry the fall following the completion of summer school. Only students who have successfully completed Biology 1 are eligible for summer school enrollment in Chemistry.