TJHSST Registration Information

Current FCPS Students

Currently enrolled FCPS students need only accept the offer of admission from the admissions office to register for TJHSST.  

Non-FCPS Students 

Students coming from a private schools, homeschool and all non-FCPS public schools must complete FCPS registration to enroll at TJHSST.  

All students have one and only one enrolling parent. The enrolling parent is responsible for all educational decision making and is the primary point of contact for the school. The enrolling parent is the parent with whom a student resides a preponderance (most) of the time and is designated at the time of initial registration in FCPS.


Important Information Regarding Residency

An accepted student is eligible to register for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology if the student is currently living with a parent/legal guardian who resides full-time in a residence located in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, or Prince William, or the cities of Falls Church or Fairfax.  Residency in one of the above districts must continue throughout the four years of study at TJHSST.  Due to a specific funding arrangement with participating school divisions, a change in residence from one jurisdiction to another must be approved by the Admissions Office to insure continued enrollment at TJHSST.  Proof of residency may be requested at any time while the student attends TJHSST.

Registration Forms

The enrolling parent of students coming from a private school, homeschool and all non-FCPS public schools must present and sign the following forms in person:

*** The enrolling parent must also present a valid, current, government-issued form of identification at the time of registration.

  1. Student Registration Form (pdf)

  2. FCPS Criminal Conviction & Juvenile Delinquency Adjudication Affirmation (pdf)

  3. FCPS Home Language Survey (pdf)

  4. School Entrance Health Form (Immunization Verification, pdf)

    • A medical physical is not required to enroll but will be needed prior to the first day of school and must have been completed within the last 12 months.

    • Immunization records are required at the time of enrollment/registration.

    • Public school students should be able to get a copy of this School Entrance Health Form from their current middle school cumulative record.

  5. Presentation of the Original Birth Certificate

    • An original birth certificate (not a copy) must be presented at the time of registration in FCPS to verify the student’s legal name.  Please bring the original for verification and a copy for the cumulative file.

    • If a birth certificate is not available, an affidavit (FCPS form SS/SE 302) with substantiating documentation is required of all students.

  6. Proof of Residency (Private / Homeschool registrants only)

    • A current lease/deed of the address of residence & current utility bill for the same address. Please bring the original for verification and a copy for the cumulative file.


Printed copies of the forms listed above are available at TJHSST.

Information regarding transportation

Fairfax County Residents should complete this Transportation Form for depot selection by May 31, 2019.

Non-Fairfax County Residents should contact their county school transportation department directly for information about transportation to TJHSST.   


We congratulate you on being selected to attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and look forward to meeting you!