World Languages Welcome Letter

Welcome to the World Language Program at TJHSST!

At TJHSST, our dynamic immersion programs for the modern spoken languages (Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish) and a classic Latin program promote engaging, vibrant, student-centered classes that provide many opportunities for students to become proficient in their chosen language(s) and culture(s) on the path to becoming global citizens.  Three years of study in the same language meets the graduation requirement at TJHSST. Two years of two different languages does not meet the TJ graduation requirement. You have to take three years of the same language (3 credits). Listed below are some of the many opportunities available for students studying a world language.  

Honor Societies

Our language programs all have local chapters of the National Language Societies and we count on those language societies to host a variety of interesting activities to enjoy throughout the year.

We hope to see you celebrating the Chinese New Year, or painting Matryoshki (nesting dolls) in the Russian classroom. The French Club is busy making pancakes to celebrate La Chandeleur. Gingerbread House Competitions can be found in the German Room while Saturnalia is being celebrated in Latin as you dance away the night at Buleria sponsored by our Spanish program.

Field trips in and outside of the Washington, DC  area take place annually. Guest speakers join us in class to discuss professional language use and language learning experiences beyond the classroom. Join together with students in language programs at end of the year awards, dinners, and festivals to celebrate another year of language learning at TJHSST. 

National/International Exams/Competitions

Students studying French, German, Latin, and Spanish participate in National Exams. Students in Russian take part in the Olympiada of Spoken Russian. Students learning Chinese, Latin, and Russian compete in National Essay Contests. Students in German and Russian frequently represent the United States as members of the U.S. team headed to the International competitions in Germany and Russia.

Exchange Programs and Travel

TJHSST has a long history of exchange programs with current partner schools in France, Germany, and Russia. Participating students have life changing experiences when they host a student from one of our partner schools. Lifelong friends are made during your unique experience living in another country and going to school. Trips to Spanish speaking countries and Italy or other Roman sites take place during Spring break.

Summer Programs

Each year, TJHSST students vie for one of the many coveted spots in Virginia’s summer Governor's World Language Academies available to students studying French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Students studying Chinese and Russian can apply for a full scholarship in the competitive National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Program. The NSLI-Y scholarship provides all-expense paid 6 weeks of a homestay-study program in China or a Russian speaking region of the world.

TJHSST students often say that learning a language is one of the most fun and memorable experiences of their four years at TJHSST.  We encourage you to reach out to any of the language teachers if you would like more information.   

World Language Teachers