World Languages Welcome Letter

Welcome to the World Language Program at TJHSST!

At TJHSST we want to help all of our students achieve a high level of competency in one or more languages and their culture so that they may use it successfully in their professional and personal life as global citizens.

Our dynamic immersion programs for the modern spoken languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish) and a classic Latin program promote engaging, vibrant, student-centered classes that provide many opportunities for students to become proficient in their chosen language(s) and culture(s) on the path to becoming a global citizen.

Only three years of study of the same language will meet the language requirement at TJHSST. However, as investigators and explorers of other languages and their cultures, most students take an additional one or two years of instruction in the language of their choice.  This language either continues their existing language study, including advanced placement (AP), or switches to and explores a different language. Colleges prefer to see students gain proficiency in at least one language through level 4 or 5 of study. Students are encouraged to continue beyond the three-year language requirement and to continue and broaden their growth as global citizens. This is especially true if they finish level 3 after 9th or 10th grade!

Freshmen who wish to begin a new language at TJHSST will be able to choose from a rich selection of languages: Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, and Russian. You can learn more about the exciting opportunities to explore these languages by speaking to the respective teachers when you join us at TJHSST for Welcome Night in April. Should you have a question or concern regarding our World Language curriculum, please speak with our Division Manager, Ms. Szilvia Oszko at the April Welcome Night or e-mail her at @email.