Eighth Period Activities Provide TJ Students with Variety of Options

October 22, 2021

One of the things that makes Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology unique is its eighth period program. With students located in four different counties, some living as far as 50 miles from the school, it can be difficult for them to stay after school for activities. So, TJ brings the “afterschool programs” to the school day.

With over 150 active clubs, TJ students get to explore a wide variety of interests during two eighth period sessions on Red Days (Wednesdays and Fridays). A variety of the clubs are STEM focused allowing students to deepen their studies such as the Oceanography Club, the Science Bowl, and Women Interested in Science and Engineering (WISE).

Students look intently at the chess board as they ponder their next moves.
Students look intently at the chess board as they ponder their next moves.

There is a chance for students to explore new interests outside the STEM world as well. The Chess Club is very popular during every eighth period session, while the Urban Dance Movement is one of several dance clubs that allows TJ students to learn new moves.

About the Urban Dance Movement club, Sean, a junior, says “What I like best is that I get to express myself. I love music and moving my body. It’s a good way to destress from everyday school.”

Check out this photo gallery below from a recent day during eighth period to see the wide variety of activities available to TJ students.

Eighth Period Photo Gallery