AP Exams

AP Exam Testing Schedule Spring 2024

The AP exam schedule is a fixed schedule created by College Board that allows for minimal flexibility at the school level.

Students with back-to-back tests are expected to take both exams in the same day, unless there are extenuating circumstances identified by the AP Coordinator. Start times for afternoon exams will be adjusted for back-to-back testers to ensure they get a small break between exams.

Moving exams to the late-testing window will only be done if there extenuating circumstances preventing a student from taking the exam during the standard exam date. Some reasons may incur a $40 change fee to be paid prior to the move being made. If a fee is required, the AP Coordinator will let you know.

If a student is sick the day of their AP exam, the parent must notify the AP Coordinator within 24 hours if the student would like to test during the late-testing window. The absence must be an excused absence from school.

Specific testing locations will be emailed to students the week before AP exams begin.

AP Exam Standard Testing Schedule Spring 2024

DateExamStart Time
May 6United States Government and Politics (Digital)8:40 AM
May 6Chemistry1:00 PM
May 7Human Geography8:40AM
May 7Microeconomics8:40 AM
May 7Statistics12:00 PM
May 8English Literature and Composition (Digital)8:40 AM
May 8Computer Science A12:00 PM
May 9Chinese Language and Culture (Digital)8:40 AM
May 9Environmental Science8:40 AM
May 9Psychology1:00 PM
May 10United States History8:40 AM
May 10Macroeconomics1:00 PM
May 13Calculus AB8:40 AM
May 13Calculus BC8:40 AM
May 13Precalculus12:00 PM
May 14English Language and Composition (Digital)8:40 AM
May 14Physics C: Mechanics12:00 PM
May 14Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism2:00 PM
May 15French Language and Culture8:40 AM
May 15World History: Modern (Digital)8:40 AM
May 15Computer Science Principles (Digital)1:00 PM
May 16Spanish Language and Culture8:40 AM
May 16Biology12:00 PM
May 16Japanese Language and Culture (Digital)12:00 PM
May 17German Language and Culture8:40 AM
May 17Physics 1: Algebra Based8:40 AM
May 17Latin12:00 PM
May 17Physics 2: Algebra Based12:00 PM

AP Exam Late-Testing Schedule Spring 2024

DateExamStart Time
May 22


Computer Science A

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism



United States History

8:40 AM
May 22

English Literature and Composition

Environmental Science

Japanese Language and Culture



Physics: Mechanics

12:00 PM
May 23

Chinese Language and Culture

Computer Science Principles

English Language and Composition

Human Geography


Spanish Literature and Culture

May 23


French Language and Culture

Physics 1: Algebra Based

12:00 PM
May 24

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

German Language and Culture


Spanish Language and Culture

8:40 AM
May 24

Physics 2: Algebra Based

United States Government and Politics

World History Modern

12:00 PM

For questions or more information, contact our Assessment Coach/AP Coordinator – Lisa Broadhead at [email protected].