Frequently Asked Questions - World Languages

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TJ's World Languages program. Check back with this page as we will update it when necessary.

  • Question: Does doing the third year of a language through an online campus outside of FCPS prevent me from doing the AP class at TJ the year after?
    • Answer: No
  • Question: Why are there various course IDs for some of the level 5 world languages?
    • Answer: There are three course codes for each level five language. One is the yearlong course and the other two are semester course codes, depending on which semester you are hoping to take the level 5 language.
  • Question: Can I take two years of two different languages to fulfill my world language diploma requirement like in other schools?
    • Answer: Unfortunately, no. One of the unique diploma requirements for a 'TJ diploma' is that students must earn three credits in a single language. If you would still like to pursue studying a second language, you can speak with your counselor to see if you can fit it in while still remaining diploma eligible.
  • Question: I took two years of a World Language in middle school and am currently enrolled in level 3. Does this meet the world language diploma requirement?
    • Answer: Yes. High school credits that were earned in middle school will be included on the high school transcript.
  • Question: Is it required to do a language in sophomore year or can I finish the language requirement throughout junior and senior year?
    • Answer: It is not required, however we encourage students to take languages in consecutive years to keep up the skills and practice.
  • Question: I’m taking World Language Level 3. I heard that Level 4 of a World Language is required before I can take the AP class in that language – is that true?
    • Answer: Students in the class of 2025, 2026, and 2027 should consult with their school counselor and Level 3 teacher to decide whether to choose Level 4 or AP. Students in the class of 2028 and beyond will take Level 4 as a prerequisite for the AP level. 

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