Frequently Asked Questions - Mathematics

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TJ's Mathematics program. Check back with this page as we will update it when necessary.

  • Question: Which calculator should I have?
    • Answer: TJ Math 1 - 5 have been developed with the assumption that students will be using the TI-84 or a similar calculator.

      Students enrolled in TJ Math 1 - 4 will be required to take the state-mandated Standards of Learning test. These tests do not allow the use of calculators beyond the capability of the TI-84, therefore students may not use more advanced calculators (i.e. TI-89) in classes below TJ Math 5.

      For advanced courses, you may consider the TI-89, however this is not required.

  • Question: Which courses can I take in summer school?

    • Answer: Incoming freshmen who have completed Precalculus can take Research Statistics 1. Incoming freshmen who have completed Algebra 1 can take Geometry Honors through FCPS summer school. No other online courses or other summer school courses meet the requirements of TJ courses. TJ students who have completed TJ Math 4 can take TJ Math 5.

  • Question: Which class should I take next year?

    • Answer: If you are currently in Algebra 1, you will enroll in Research Statistics 1 and TJ Math 1 for the upcoming school year.  If you are currently in Geometry, you will enroll in Research Statistics 1 and TJ Math 3  for the upcoming school year. If you are currently in Algebra 2, you will enroll in Research Statistics 1 and TJ Math 4.   If you are enrolled in any course higher than Algebra 2, please consult with the Math-CS division manager or a counselor about which math courses to sign up for.

  • Question: Are linear algebra and AMT too similar to each other to take both

    • Answer: Students have taken both.

  • Question: Where can I find more information about the unique math sequence at TJHSST?
    • Answer: Because each student comes to TJ with a diverse background of math experience we have a system that allows us to meet students where they are and to help them progress from there. For more information about the math sequence options at TJHSST, please visit this site.
  • Question: Is TJ Research Statistics 2 an AP course?
    • Answer: Yes. RS2 is the second half of the AP Statistics curriculum. All students are exposed to the first half in TJ Research Statistics 1 during their first semester at TJ.
  • Question: After AP Calculus, what math options are there for students?
    • Answer: Students can take Multivariable Calculus and any number of semester courses that come after Multivariable or, if they wish, they might want to take RS2 and RS3 as well.
  • Question: Is it possible to 'skip' a level of math at TJHSST?
    • Answer: No
  • Question: How can I verify that I'm enrolling in the right math class for me next year?
    • Answer: TJ freshmen come from different middle schools, many of which have different curricula and expectations. To ensure correct placement, please take the time to confirm your child’s placement with their TJ school counselor or our curriculum specialists during registration. They can make specific suggestions based on your (child's) previous coursework. If you're not completely confident in your (child's) understanding of the content from previous courses, consider repeating the course to ensure a strong foundation, especially in the math and language areas.

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