Frequently Asked Questions - Humanities

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TJ's Humanities Program. Check back with this page as we will update it when necessary.

  • Question: Can I take World History & Geography 2 or US/VA History over the Summer so that I might have an extra slot to take another elective in my schedule?
    • Answer: No. One of the unique features of TJ is the interdisciplinary curriculum that all 10th and 11th graders take; Humanities I (World History 2 and English 10) and Humanities II (American History and English 11). 
  • Question: I already have my extra history credit, but I still need the mandatory verified credit. Will I be able to fulfill the one verified history credit, through any of the required history classes?
    • Answer: Verified credits are available in World History & Geography 2 as well as Honors US/VA History or AP US History.
  • Question: Can I take both Economics and Personal Finance (online or self-directed) and then also take AP Economics later if the subject interests me?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Can I take both Economics and Personal Finance Self-Directed and a summer course for credit? With both be applied to my transcript?
    • Answer: Yes, Rising 10th graders and above are able to take this asynchronous course alongside an approved summer course.

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