Summer Programs 2023

Links to More Information on Academic Summer School, Summer Enrichment, and Middle School Technology Institute (MSTI)

Academic Summer School - TJ Students Only

Academic Summer School is TJ specialized credit-bearing courses usually taken for advancement purposes. They are required for graduation but not required for any students to take in the summer.

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Summer Enrichment Virtual Program - Non-Credit Bearing Modules

The summer enrichment modules are designed to focus on skills development in a variety of subject areas. These modules will have synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for students. We encourage students to register for a module if they are interested in the specific content areas or skills. The modules are not required, not for credit, and not graded. Students may register for multiple courses as long as the schedule does not conflict.

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Middle School Technology Institute 

The Middle School Technology Institute (MSTI) is a summer STEM program that consists of experiential workshop style sessions for middle school to explore STEM at TJ. MSTI provides an opportunity to engage young minds in our community  in STEM programs. Sessions occur weekly.

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