CS Placement Test Information 2019

28 March 2019

From: Stephen R. Rose, Computer Science Teacher (srrose@fcps.edu)

TO: Computer Science Placement Test Applicant

This memo will tell you something about what you can expect on the Placement Test. 

The test will be held on Saturday, 27 April 2019, at 9:00 a.m.  We will meet in the Dome and then proceed to the test rooms.  The test will be in two parts, a written part and a programming part.  The programming part will be handed in when you arrive.  You will have approximately two hours for the written part.  You must achieve an 84% score on the written part.   There are seven packets:  five programming packets plus Computer Number Systems and Boolean Algebra.  The programming packets do not stand alone.  You may need to read Java books to understand the concepts.  Questions will come from the concepts in the packets. 

I realize 27 April 2019 is a religious holiday.  If this is a conflict for you, please email me.

The programming part will be in Java.  You will bring a CD or flash drive with you that contains the solution to the Sample Programming Problem.  Your solution will be graded separately from the written part.  In your solution to the Sample Problem, you will demonstrate good use of the concepts of classes, interfaces, graphical user interfaces, file reads, and methods.  Your programming solution will need to achieve a 90%.  You must use Java 8 for your code.  You may not create a Package for your code.  You may not use JavaFX.  You can find useful information on the Foundations of Computer Science web page

I want you to do well and achieve Computer Science Placement.  To increase your chance of placement, you will need to review all the packets and work at least some of the programs in each packet. 

Please read the application forms carefully and fill out the application forms neatly.  A misunderstanding will delay your application.  Remember that we intend for you to teach yourself this material.  We are not available to help you learn Java. 

We want original application documents with original signatures.  You must submit these documents by mail or by bringing them into the TJHSST main office.  You may not email these documents.   

This is a serious undertaking requiring study and preparation.  I wish you every success. 




TJHSST Computer Science Placement Test Request / Verification Form