World Language Information for the Class of 2024

Welcome to the World Language Program at TJHSST! Beginning a new world language or continuing your journey with one - TJHSST World Language has a place for you!

World Language Requirement at TJHSST

Three years of study in the same world language are needed to meet the world language requirement at TJHSST.  

Our primary goal is to make your freshman year of world language learning at TJHSST as enjoyable and as enriching as possible.

Which world languages are offered at TJHSST?

TJHSST offers  seven world language programs: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and Russian.

Incoming Freshmen who wish to begin a new world language in Level 1 may choose from a rich selection: Chinese, German, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.


If you have questions regarding our world language curriculum, please speak with our Division Manager, Ms. Szilvia Oszko contact her by email: @email