Guidelines for Acceleration through Math and Computer Science Courses

Updated November 6, 2019

The required TJHSST mathematics curriculum is a comprehensive program of study of a range of mathematics topics including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, and discrete math, leading to calculus. Courses beyond calculus are provided as electives for students who show aptitude and interest in mathematics. The computer science (CS) curriculum provides a foundation in programming for all students plus ten other semesters of study for students who show aptitude and interest in CS.  It is important for all students to be competent in the skills and concepts taught in the required math and CS courses. Some students may have the background and aptitude to accelerate through the curriculum. It is our interest that students be appropriately challenged in math and CS while also demonstrating mastery of all content. 

General guidelines for math course placement/acceleration:

TJ Math 1 – 3 (Geometry and Algebra 2) are considered core courses and we do not allow placement out of these courses. TJ Math 1 – 2 (Geometry) are offered in summer school each year through the FCPS online campus (the course is called Honors Geometry).

Students taking Algebra 2 with Trig the year before they begin TJ may take the TJ Math 4 Placement Test if they meet the requirements listed below. If they pass, they can take TJ Math 5 in TJ Summer School to be able to take Calculus during their first year at TJ.

A student may not place out of more than one level at a time. For example, a student may not go directly from TJ Math 3 to AP Calculus. Also, a student may only take the TJ Math 4 or the TJ Math 5 Placement Test.

If a student places out of a course, no credit is earned for that course. It is up to the student, along with his/her parents and counselor, to ensure that all graduation requirements are met.

Requirements for students currently in TJ Math 3/Algebra 2 to place out of TJ Math 4 or TJ Math 5:

  • “A”s in all high school level math classes
  • Recommendation of current math teacher
  • 90% on the placement test

Any student not enrolled in BC Calculus may still register and pay to take the BC exam, however an exam score of 5 will no longer lead to placement in Multivariable Calculus.  

*** AP exam scores cannot be used to place out of an AP course. ***

General guidelines for computer science course placement/acceleration:

To meet TJ graduation requirements, students must take one full year of computer science for credit at TJ.