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By the Student Services Team
Student Services
June 12, 2020

Welcome to Issue #6 of our Virtual Suite Newsletter and our last issue of this school year!

Weekly Focus:  Rest, Relax, Reflect 

To say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year so far would be quite an understatement.

None of us envisioned COVID-19, quarantine, distance learning, financial, emotional and cultural stressors, dashed plans, postponed celebrations, and the year is not yet done.

Together, we are all going through the storm, but we are in different boats.

You are living through history but this time you are aware of it AND you have the opportunity to record it for future generations.

While it is still fresh in your mind, think about how to document what you are experiencing.

You might draw, paint, photograph, choreograph, videotape, record, write, sew, quilt, storytell or find another creative outlet for your reflections.

Document what it feels like to experience 2020 from your perspective. Use your resources. Maybe your parents, grandparents, and other elders have gone through something similar and can share with you what happened, what it was like and how they coped with the situation and came through experience. 

The Smithsonian Institution, libraries and other organizations will collect and catalog items for a future exhibit on the pandemic of 2020, but so can you. Create your own family time capsule that may contain such items as a homemade fabric mask, a representative newspaper article, a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a photograph or journal reflection you wrote. 

We will weather these stormy seas in our different boats supporting each other and when things get back to whatever our new normal is,  you will be asked what you remembered about 2020 and be able to offer your unique perspective on history. 

You have done well. Be prepared. Be safe. Be kind. Enjoy your summer break!  

script last day of school


What's making life sweet this week in Student Services?

Looking for something to read this summer?  Check out this curated list from our fabulous humanities teachers and read along with us!  Humanities Summer List

Ms. Smith has been busy making healthy, delicious meals while listening to happy music! 

Remembering with fondness the tradition of our teachers and staff waving goodbye to our students on the last day of school!  

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Questions?  Reach out to us in the Suite.  We are here for you!



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