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By the Student Services Team
Student Services
May 08, 2020

Welcome to Issue #2 of our Virtual Suite Newsletter

Weekly Focus:  Keeping Engaged 

This period of closure means that we can’t actively participate in some of our favorite activities and many of our future plans are on hold.  Think about some new activities to keep you active and engaged:    

Volunteer for a great cause. Find opportunities to do good in your community, or join a volunteer program, to apply your skills and education through meaningful, hands-on learning. Volunteer roles are often available through research programs and organizations in need of your help, including charities, festivals, local non-profits, events and community groups.

Work a summer job. Working over the summer, whether part-time or full-time, helps students acquire transferable skills, such as communication, organization, time management and administrative skills. 

Turn a weakness into a strength. Struggle with public speaking or writing essays? Join or form a group to help cultivate transferable skills that might need work through practice, exercises and helpful feedback.

Start a blog. Improve your writing skills by taking time to write every day. Starting a blog is a productive way to explore a topic of interest and practice important professional skills such as copywriting, outlining, editing and proofreading. Look for workshops, partner up with a friend, or simply launch your own blog and get writing!

Set up systems for success for the next school year. Do you struggle with time management and organization during the school year? Spend a little time now to plan for the upcoming semester to save time and frustration once school starts! Research organizational tips and best practices, or reach out to your counselor for tips and ideas.  

Clean up your digital presence. This can mean reviewing and editing your social media channels to make sure that potential employers can see your best self, or simply cleaning up your laptop, deleting old pictures from your devices and organizing your email inbox.

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What's making life sweet this week in Student Services?

Ms. Armstrong:  TJ Student Services wants parents and students to know that although we may not share a physical space, we are still here for you!  Watch this compilation of video messages that she has put together to highlight resources from Challenge Success  on coping strategies during this pandemic:  Student Services Video MessageWe're still here message

Ms. Hamblin:  Ice cream! 

Dr. Barkat:  Trying new recipes!

Ms. Kobren:  Her favorite granola from Door County Wisconsin!

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9th and 10th grade info

Let’s explore another Naviance Student tool.  This week’s tool is the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive.  

In the archive you'll find interviews with leaders in their field.  They explore how they got to where they are and what they do in their daily work along with honest reflections about their journeys.define your road image

Explore the archive based on your interests:  Engineering, Government, Science.

Or by theme:  Determination, Failure, Risk. 

Or, by the names of the leaders and their respective organizations:  Laura Danly, Astronomer, Griffith Observatory  |  Deon Clark, Nuclear Engineer, Palo Verde Power Plant/Legacy Initiative | Nick dePalma, MIT Graduate Student in the Personal Robots Group

Many videos are organized by playlists:  Pursuing STEM careers

Check out this valuable resource by logging into Naviance Student→Careers→Roadtrip Nation

11th grade info

Juniors!  This Class of 2021 FCPS site is continually updated with information related to the college search and application process so visit it often.  We highly recommend this page in particular for information on the Common Application process and a great video on the college admissions process that is a must-watch for students and families.   Check it out here:  Applying to College

Naviance Student now has Virtual Tour links enabled when searching for colleges as well as direct links to contact admissions offices.  Use these new tools while building your FIT college lists!

If you haven’t already, please respond to the TJ Student Needs GoogleForm as the colleges you list on the form will directly impact the representative visits we will attempt to schedule for the Fall.  (GSuite login required).

12th grade info

FCPS Senior Survey is in progress!  This is the method by which you request your final transcript be sent to the college you will attend in the Fall and tell us about your post graduation plans.  Check your Naviance Student email or the post on the Google Class of 2020 stream for more information and instructions.  Please complete the survey by May 15, 2020.  

#CelebrateYourPlan Class of 2020

FCPS kicked off a social media campaign with #CelebrateYourPlanWe want all FCPS seniors to share your plans for life after high school.  

Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.  Don't forget to tag your high school and #ourFCPS and #celebrateyourplan.

All grades info

Explore the Naviance Student Enrichment Lista that is updated daily by FCPS. Here are a few of the recently listed opportunities that will be conducted virtually this summer:  

Research Internships

Biomedical Sciences Summer Camp

Actuarial Science Camp

Georgetown Summer Programs

Catapult Incubator

Terp Young Scholars

BU Summer Journalism Institute

Youth Leadership Academy

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Parent Information | Distance Learning Support

Navigating College Options for your High School Graduate

Join Northern Virginia Community College’s president, Dr. Anne Kress, as she speaks about how you can help prepare your soon-to-be high school graduate for college. Learn about the options and resources available right in your back yard.

May 12, 2020 | 5:00 p.m. | Register in advance for this webinar here

Motivating Responsible Behavior When Kids Are at Home 24/7: A Webinar for Families

Friday, May 15, 2020, 10 a.m.-noon | Presented by Parenting Specialist, Rachel Bailey, M.A., CPDPE.

Register for Motivating Responsible Behavior When Kids Are at Home 24/7: A Webinar for Families
Message from Dr. Esther Barkat, School Psychologist:

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” Buddha

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”  Marcus Aurelius

We have a lot of thoughts every day. In fact, many experts believe that we think somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. That averages out to 2,500 to 3,300 per hour. It would be great if our thoughts were all positive, however,  many of them can be negative and toxic. The good news is that we have an ability to redirect our thoughts. Renew your mind every day. 

Questions?  Reach out to us in the Suite.

This newsletter contains links to one or more web pages that are outside the FCPS network.  Neither FCPS nor TJHSST controls the content or relevancy of these outside pages.

aAdvertisement of these opportunities does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement of the sponsoring organization or the enrichment opportunity by the Fairfax County School Board, the Superintendent, or a specific FCPS school. Many opportunities utilize Zoom, an online technology video and web conferencing tool that has not been approved for use in FCPS by the FCPS Department of Information Technology. Numerous outside organizations are utilizing Zoom to provide services and resources to students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students should gain permission from their parent or guardian before engaging in any non-FCPS enrichment opportunity and families should review and agree to the Terms of Service and User Agreements for Zoom before participating.