School Improvement & Innovation Plan

Outcome goals for the 2019-20 academic school year

School Improvement & Innovation Plan At A Glance

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology | Fairfax County Public Schools | Region 2

Goal 1

Using the student Challenge Success survey results from 2018-2019, we would like to increase by at least 5%, from a baseline of 55.6%, the number of students who report they are fully engaged or purposefully engaged in school, as opposed to saying they are doing school (currently 35.2%) or disengaged (currently 4.9%).


  1. Focus on high-quality Tier 1 instruction
  2. Shadow A Student
  3. Collaborative Colleague Visits

Goal 2

In a classroom setting, students will demonstrate a greater ability to self-advocate with teachers as evidenced by a 10% increase as of June 1, 2020


  1. Student Advocacy Guidelines
  2. Staff and various stakeholders, including Student Services faculty and staff in Student Wellness Resources, Academic Counseling and College Counseling, will collaborate with students to develop effective advocacy and positive self-management skills.

Goal 3

In a school setting as of June 1, 2020, 85% of students will be able to identify at least one adult they feel they can go to if they need help with a personal problem.


  1. All TJHSST staff individually or in teams will select one Challenge Success area of focus (Managing Expectations, Healthy Sleep Habits/Education, addressing Rigor/Workload)
  2. Use consistent language across stakeholder groups to promote continuity in messaging and engage stakeholders in the process