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By Student Services (photo credit A. Huang/Class of 2020)
Student Services
January 28, 2020

January Spotlight:  Academic Advising for the 2020-2021 School Year

Hello and Happy New Year!  We start 2020 with news about academic advising for the 2020-2021 school year.  All rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders will select courses for next year with their counselor between February 4 and March 13.  Helpful information and resources to guide your research can be found here: CURRICULAR RESOURCES.   Students can begin to enter their preliminary course requests in StudentVUE so they are ready to discuss with their counselor. As you work with your student on their course selection, consider using the following questions as talking points, and as always, aim for balance!  Counselors are available to answer any questions you may have!


  • Are you choosing classes that fit with your interests?

  • Are you allowing yourself to explore new topics?

  • Are you considering how much time you have outside school hours to successfully complete work in challenging classes?

  • Are you leaving time in your weekly schedule for extracurricular activities?

  • Are you leaving time in your weekly schedule for playtime/downtime/family time?

  • Are you consulting with current teachers before choosing the appropriate level of math/humanities/science, etc.?

  • Are you heeding any teacher recommendations that have been given?


Summer Opportunities

Find the FCPS curated list of Enrichment Opportunities in your Naviance Student.  On the home page of Naviance Student you will see the picture below.  Click on "read more" to access information and a link to the Enrichment Opportunities list.  You must be logged into Naviance Student to access this list.  Note: the picture below does not provide direct access from this page. 

picture of graduates in caps and gowns and read more text

So, I'm applying to this program….

'Tis the season where current students of all grades are applying to enrichment programs.   Many of these opportunities involve a need for a transcript.  A transcript lists courses completed and/or in which a student is currently enrolled, as well as listing the GPA from the student's last completed scholastic year.  There are TWO types of transcripts. Follow these instructions to determine which one the student may need: 

  1. UNOFFICIAL | These are unsigned, informal documents that any counselor or the Transcript Office can print out.   Students can copy and scan an unofficial transcript for their use.   Most programs accept these unofficial transcripts.  

  2. OFFICIAL | These are signed and have a raised seal on them indicating that they are official.  The Transcript Office prepares and sends them after a student has  submitted an official transcript request form at least ten school days in advance of the application deadline.    Go to Naviance Student →Document Resources→All Grades Transcript Forms to find the fillable Transcript Request Form-All Students.  More information here:  Transcript Requests

Questions?  Reach out to us in the Suite.

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