TJ Summer Learning Update

May 15, 2020

We are pleased to announce decisions have made regarding TJHSST summer school options this year. TJ has traditionally conducted several face-to-face courses throughout the summer. Due to current directives from the Governor and FCPS leadership in response to the COVID pandemic, we are unable to provide the same services this summer. This is for the health and safety of our students and staff.

We assessed which courses would be foundational for our STEM-focused school. Next, we evaluated graduation requirements to ensure any modification to our summer program would still enable TJ students to access desired programs of study. Finally, we took an honest look at our staff’s capacity to manage multiple tasks in a virtual environment as we close out this year and make preparations for the start of the next school year.

The outcome of our assessment is a menu of TJ virtual courses for credit, FCPS Online Campus courses for credit, and TJ-specific skill enhancement modules that will be online, not for credit, and free to TJ students.

What follows is a list of TJ credit-bearing courses which WILL be offered virtually this summer:

  • Research and Statistics I (open to incoming TJ freshmen who have already completed Algebra 2)
  • Foundations of Computer Science (open to current TJ students, not incoming freshmen)
  • TJ Math 5 (open to current TJ students who completed TJ Math 4)
  • Standard FCPS fees apply to TJ courses noted above

What follows is a list of recommended options for others seeking credit-bearing coursework this summer:

  • Incoming TJ freshmen can enroll in Economics and Personal Finance (EPF) online because there will not be an option to take Ancient Civilization during the summer. There will be ample opportunity to fulfill all Social Studies credits during the next four years.
  • Current upperclassmen TJ students who traditionally would enroll in Chemistry Honors during the summer may choose to enroll in the FCPS Online Campus Chemistry.
  • Current upperclassmen TJ students who traditionally would enroll in Ancient Civilization or another TJ Social Studies course during the summer may choose to enroll in World History & Geography 1 with the FCPS Online Campus.
  • Standard FCPS program fees apply to the courses noted above
  • Note: the FCPS Online Chemistry and Social Studies courses do not receive grade weighting for honors level work.

What follows is a description of skill enhancement modules offered this summer:

  • These modules are free to interested TJ students.
  • The modules would have synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for students.
  • There will be a targeted Chemistry module free to Online Campus Chemistry students from TJ. The activities will supplement curriculum from the Online Campus Chemistry course.
  • Other modules will focus on various skills in Humanities courses. A complete list will appear when registration opens.
  • Modules are not required, not for credit and not graded.

Registration for students attending credit-bearing TJ online classes, FCPS Online Campus, and the TJ skill enhancement modules are projected to start May 20, 2020, and will run through June 12, 2020. All registration for TJ courses and enhancement modules, and FCPS Online Campus, will be on the FCPS web pages for summer programs and Online Campus.

If you have individual concerns about your own child's program of study, please contact your child’s counselor.

The plan as outlined above will address key foundational skills our students need while providing other opportunities for credit-bearing coursework and skills enhancement. All TJ students will be able to continue to progress with their academic plans, explore electives, prepare for senior research, and meet graduation requirements.

Thank you for understanding how we have designed the best plan possible given available time and resources.