The Global Classroom at TJHSST

Connecting students across the globe

TJHSST - RANEPA 2019-20 School Year

Students from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (in Alexandria, VA) and RANEPA Lyceum (Moscow, Russia) are working collaboratively on research projects chosen and developed by the students that explore issues and problems of common interest and import on the theme Urban Life and Governance.  The purposes of the collaboration are to advance the students’ understanding of the topic through research, conceive and work toward solutions to one or more problems identified through the research, and benefit from the experience of working with people from a different society. In April 2020, students will present their work in Moscow at RANEPA Lyceum at the Symposium on Urban Life and Governance: Perspectives from the United States and Russia.

The TJHSST Global Classroom Team